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Ben Salem


Ben Salem is the epitome of success and exemplifies what it means to be a top ranking agent in Los Angeles County. His high energy, in-depth knowledge and passion for Real Estate have allowed him to consistently outrank other Real Estate experts since 2004. He is highly sought after and has worked with countless entrepreneurs, celebrities, and Real Estate moguls.

Ben Salem is not your average realtor. What makes him different is his ability to wear many hats. As both a Real Estate expert and a developer, he is able to gage the market better than anyone else, which is a crucial component when buying and selling a property. Real Estate development has also equipped him with the unique ability to fully understand his clients’ needs, navigate fluctuations in the market, and provide razor-sharp accuracy in pricing assessments. It has also allowed him to deliver invaluable tips to his clients that have drastically improved the value of their properties.

Ben is a frequent, coveted speaker at conferences across the country who offers his highly exclusive insights and knowledge to other Real Estate professionals. Subsequently, this has generated interest from prominent media programs and publications, including Good Morning America, The Dave Ramsey Show, Yahoo, and The Los Angeles Times, where he has been featured. Additionally, Ben has developed a technology that verifies the full transparency of each Real Estate transaction.

A gifted straight-shooter with mastery in all aspects of Real Estate, paired with out-of-the-box marketing technique, Ben’s leadership and long-range thinking has proven instrumental to the organization, and to the industry as a whole.

Zillow Review Ratings


  • 2013 Top 1% in LA County
  • 2012 Top 1% in LA County
  • 2011 Top 1% in LA County
  • 2010 Top 1% in LA County
  • 2009 Top 3% in LA County
  • 2008 Top 1% in the San Fernando Valley
  • 2007 Top 1% in the company
  • 2006 Top 5% in the company
  • 2005 Multi-Million Dollar Producer
  • 2004 Multi-Million Dollar Producer
  • 2014 Top 1% in LA County